Reason to Live: You never lost anything on that wicked day when you thought you’d lost it all

deathThe moment you shed your tears, open up, give up, surrender and admit you know nothing – everything gets better. Fast better. Way better. Magic better…

When you wrap your arms around your beloved – the one who won’t be coming home again – and you lose your heart, feel it lifting up and away from you, taking wings, leaving like the daylight leaves, you see that nothing here is real. And the person you thought you were is gone – left behind with empty hands.

Later when you’ve traveled home, stood in your bedroom staring at nothing, you see that the only thing left behind is you – bare naked stripped down to soul – you.

Who is that? How long has it been? How long have you Read more

Interview with Polly Campbell

Polly-Campbell-Author1Mind Matters with Polly Campbell and Sue Frederick

Recently I chatted with Polly about intuition and how it ties into your love life and how it can help you find your dream job!


[audio: //audios/Mind-Matters-06-24-13.mp3]