Putting an end to relationship strikeout

Do you long for true love? Do you believe your soul mate is out there?

In a recent interview with Spiritual Broadcasting Network I shared some indepth information from my book I See Your Soulmate, watch the video below just hit the play button.

I hope you enjoy this interview and learn how important it is to really remember who you are and what you signed up for in order to find your true-love partner.

Grab your free chapter of I See Your Soulmate now. In this chapter you will learn:

  • A step-by-step meditation to break free from heartbreak and grief
  • How to transform your pain into fuel for a better life
  • How to access and use the most powerful tool you’ve had since you were born

You Still Have Something Important To Do

something-important-to-doYou still have something important to do – even if you can’t see it right now. Even when you feel lost and pointless, without direction, floating in grief – that great thing still lives inside of you. Deep down.

When the time is right and the world is ready and you’ve learned what you needed to learn – your great gift will come pouring out of you like an Arkansas Spring flood, like a hurricane downpour, unstoppable and urgent.

It will save every heart, crack the world wide apart, pour light into darkness, open minds, heal souls and change lives – especially yours.

It’s the gift you agreed to Read more

No Rose Without Thorns

Rose with thornThere’s no crazy without brilliant; no wisdom without ignorance; no love without hate; and no courage without fear.

Yet we hope to be one without the other – a rose without a thorn. We forget our agreement – to fully experience the light and the dark; to BE human.

We can’t own our gifts or our divinity without also owning our pitiful selves and our stupidity; without realizing that our mistakes are what we came here for. They’re our greatest moments of awakening.

There’s no north without south; no found without lost; no laughter without tears; and no sunrise without sunset.

We come here to feel and express it all; to move through the Read more

The Play’s The Thing…

divineThe beauty. The play. That’s what I always come back to. That we’re players in a Shakespearian drama of our own creation – standing on a wooden stage on a summer’s eve – expressing our joy and horror at being part of a play.

The horror is indeed part of our play; it’s the suffering that lives beside the joy. A sweet child suffering a devastating illness; the mother grieving endless loss; the father speechless from pain and failure. It all plays out beside the joy of childbirth; the happiness of a toddler on a swing set; the purring of a kitten in your arms; a child’s graduation; and the glory of standing on a mountain top in a brief moment of well-earned victory – followed swiftly by a tragic storm.

Thank you tragedy. Thank you heartbreak. Thank you joy and beauty. How about not equating horror with death; not equating pain with Read more