What I know to be true

divine-orderDivine order rules! A doubt-inducing childhood, a sweet young husband’s early death, countless broken hearts and flawed careers, were all perfectly designed to get me where I came here to go; to help me evolve to my highest state of grace, to know God, and to become who I became. I mostly forget this.

All my prayers are heard and answered. I always forget this.

When I’m on path and in alignment with divine order, I feel of use to the greater message, the larger truth, the highest good. It moves through me like a ray of light piercing everything, a laser beam opening my heart, filling the pages of my books, conversations with clients, and classrooms where I stand in front. None of it comes from me – a flawed human like everyone else here. I just finally get out of the way.

When I forget about divine order, nothing makes sense. My sadness is Read more

Discover Your Soul Mate: Special Interview from Conscious Connection Magazine

SUESPEAK2012Recently I had the pleasure to speak with Conscious Connection Magazine!

Check out these questions where I reveal the connection between intuition, love and careers.

Conscious Connection: What is your background and where did the inspiration come from to write these books?

Sue Frederick: I grew up intuitive. As a kid, I would announce to my friends Read more

We’re Having Tea…

choose-your-own-pathWe’re having tea – strong, sweet tea – as we sit on the stone veranda overlooking an emerald sea. You’re laughing and telling funny stories about the challenges in your life when the conversation turns to career. “I don’t know – it’s just not clear to me what my true work is or how to manifest it,” you explain. “The job I’m doing, well, it pays the bills. But I feel like I’m dying inside.”

We sip our tea and look quietly out over the stone wall beside our table – across the vast expanse of open water. There are white gulls in the distance and a gentle breeze ruffles the cloth on our table.

“You’re a master soul, my friend. You’re required to own up to your great work in this lifetime,” I whisper to you softly across the table. “Remember, you Read more

When All Else Falls Away…

authentic_selfThere’s a great beauty inside of you – when all else is stripped away. It’s your authentic self – the one who came here on a mission. This WILL be the year you remember your impossible mission and realign your life to accomplish it.

The purpose of your confusion is growth and change. Once you change directions, confusion ceases and clarity slips in. The purpose of your pain is to strip away the trappings of who you’re not – to leave you bare and raw, naked like a newborn and clear about what you’ve come to do.

Have you had your heart broken by a boss or a lover? Felt betrayed by your own children? Watched your health fall apart? Been disappointed by a career that didn’t make you happy and wealthy? Of course you have. It ripped your soul jagged on

Feel the pain in your heart, embrace it, weep it out, shed it through your pores until your spirit is cleansed and shiny. Look into the mirror at your face now – open and surrendered, innocent and sweet.

That IS who you are, by the way – a naked sweet soul who landed here on a difficult journey and got just a little lost. Try to remember who you were before the trappings, titles, successes and failures, the burdens and expectations.

Embrace that naked soul, that wide-open innocent face, and ask, “What’s the gift I came to share?”

Ignore anyone who tells you that sharing your gift won’t Read more