Are You Being Nudged?

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Did you know that you arrived on earth with a built-in GPS device embedded inside of you? You programmed it before you were born. It contains all the directions you’ll ever need in this lifetime. It’s designed to get you dead-on target to your destined great work – the work you came here to do that uses your unique talents to raise the vibration of the planet.

Even when your life feels like it’s not moving forward, like your career is slipping through your fingers, like relationships you used to count on are shifting – you will move through this phase and emerge on the other end with Read more

Soulmates and Relationship – An Interview with CJ

cj-about-pgIs it possible that we go through your whole life and never find your soul mate?

In this interview I introduced the idea that a person can have several soul mates along their life path, each designed to remind us of our life destiny.

Your real soul mate is someone that nurtures you and is the person you create a home and family together with!

Listen to this powerful interview now:
[audio: //audios/CJ-Interview.MP3]