Intuitive Dating

INTUITION is your gut feeling. It is, above all else, a feeling from the heart. It marinates you in confidence, wisdom, and empowerment–never in fear. It’s the connection to your true self, your raw, unrefined truth unclouded by the monkey-mind.

It’s the shimmer of a spirit in the corner when you turn your head and the dream that wakes you up and stays with you. It’s the knowingness that comes when you Read more

Love Is The Energy We Swim In

LOVE is the energy we swim in, the fabric of our divine universe, and the essence of our DNA. Yet today you may find yourself feeling alone, unloved, or afraid–lost in the struggle of your life.

How did this happen to you? When did you lose your connection to love and grace? Why are you alone when you came here to share your life with a soul mate?

Perhaps you’ve forgotten how this all began–that you came here on purpose to play in liquid love, bathe in the soup of divine energy, and manifest your sacred work. You knew the moment you were Read more

The Thin Veil between the Realms

The veil between the realms is thinner than you think – thin and transparent. Close your eyes and feel it…

There was never a time when spirits didn’t speak to me, walk across my bedroom at night, or whisper in my ear. They speak to you as well. You’re just better able to dismiss it, more logically rooted in this physical world than I am – even though I’ve tried hard to ground myself in logical left-brain thinking.

Somewhere in my 1951 birthing there was probably a vast undiscovered damage to my perfect brain – so big and precise it nearly Read more

How To Heal Grief

Have you had to deal with grief? Have you ever wanted to know how to help others deal with grief?

Grief is the greatest pain here on earth. In this interview I talk with January about how to deal with greif. Tune in now, click play below to start the audio.

Six Things to do When You’ve Lost Your Job

When you’ve lost your job, these simple steps will help you move forward.

Wake up everybody! Get out of the unemployment line, and launch your new and improved life: This is not the end of your world. It’s the beginning of a much happier career and lifestyle.

In order to thrive in this brave new world, you need to remember who you really are, what’s inside of you, and what you came here to do. If you Read more