I’m Grateful to John Lennon

Today on December 8, I feel the presence of John Lennon who crossed over to the higher realms on this day in 1980. His music and words helped me find the courage to pursue my own path in the 60s & 70s. In 2009 I was blessed to visit his childhood home in Liverpool. This story is a tribute to him and his gift of turning his pain into music – music that changed my life.

I’m standing in John Lennon’s childhood bedroom at 251 Menlove Avenue in Liverpool, England, admiring its sloped ceiling, small twin bed, and lovely window looking out over the street. This is where John lived and created music for 18 years. Posters of his favorite 60s actress Brigitte Bardot line the wall above his bed, and John’s own art sketches and writings adorn his other walls.

From this tiny room was born music that changed the world – especially my world. Yet it’s such a small cocoon – this room that fits only Read more

The Voices of my Departed

The voices of my departed are an endless song in my head. They move my hands across the keyboard and fill my nights with dreams. I’m their child left behind whom they watch with great concern and extraordinary love – holding back when they long to help, staying quiet when I take a wrong turn, letting me learn my lessons like a child learns to walk by falling down and getting back up again.

From the moment I met Paul under the white-hot streetlight, silver halo wrapped around his head, eyes ripped from a vivid ocean blue sky – I knew I belonged with him. How gracefully he saw me, stroking my hair to find perfection in every flaw, seeing beauty in every crease. He laid his hands upon my soul and loved me.

We shared such joy in our escapades; the long hikes to climb ridiculous peaks, the God talks, the movies that made us laugh and cry. With his dreams wrapped inside my heart I saw our future unfold. This love would be a Read more