5 Ways To Tap Into Career Intuition

Do you believe in intuition? Do you realize you can tap into your own future and “see” your next successful career step?

Perhaps you’re smart, successful, practical, realistic and don’t believe in what you can’t see. But then why are you in this mess? Why are you rethinking your life?

You carry the solution to all of your problems right inside of you. It’s called intuition. And usually, whatever problem you think you have in front of you – is actually your solution.

What did you dream last night? Conjure up those lost memories. Honor what your soul is trying to tell you. Your inner wisdom is banging on the door of your practical Read more

Dream Guidance

In a dream, I’m walking through a beautiful space with tall windows from floor to ceiling. There are no square corners anywhere, and every room flows gracefully into the next. A metal spiral staircase leads to a bedroom with a stunning mountain view. A young boy is at my side walking through the apartment with me. I tell him that I love the openness and want to live there. I wake up from the dream still feeling the happiness of being in that space. My logic mind tells me that I had the dream because today I have to find a new apartment.

It’s 1980, and my husband has just died. I’ve moved out of our home and am staying with friends while I look for a new place to live. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed going Read more

Interview on George Lewis’s Spiritual TV Show

I had the most amazing interview with the talented George Lewis of Spiritual TV. I’m sharing the interview below. This interview is about an hour long, I invite you to grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

If you’re not happy with money you’re making right now or if you haven’t found your soul mate tune in below!

Have you turned on your inner GPS?

Baby Boomers at Work: Using Age as Fuel

Have you ever worried that someone else might get a job you want because they’re younger? When you start worrying about the younger competition, it’s really time to focus on who you are and who you want to be. Are you happy with your career? Is your life on track?

If you’re worried about aging, give this thought a try: “When I’m using my innate talents with all of my passion to make a difference in the world through my work, I am successful and happy.” Is this statement true in your life? If not, make a course correction, career reinvention or whatever it takes to align yourself with work based on your unique gifts -the work you came here to do.

Once your life is aligned with work you love that uses your innate talents and is on-path for you, you become unstoppable. You attract every Read more