Step Into the Unknown…

You know what you came here to do. It’s the big dream that you haven’t shared with anyone yet – but you’ve dreamt it over and over again for many years.

You know you’re here to help people and to make money. You have all the skills and experience you need to manifest this work successfully. First you have to get past the bogeyman (or what I call the “pitiful self”).

There is a self-doubt deep inside of you that makes you pull back just before Read more

Signing Your Contract

I’m sitting in a white, dome-shaped room at a large table. The sound of water falling in the background is soothing. But I’m feeling anxious anyway and am unable to sit still.

The man in front of me carefully studies charts spread out across the table, amused by my impatience. Slowly he looks up and smiles. “You can do this,” he says softly. “It’s a big path, a strong mission. You’re ready.”

“What if I get lost? I’m not sure I’m ready.”

“You will get lost. But you’ll have help from soul mates whom you’ll recognize upon Read more

Trusting What You Get

How often have you ignored a hunch? Dismissed an intuitive feeling or a pre-cognitive dream? Each time you ignore your inner knowing, you weaken its voice within you.

Your intuition is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. The less you use it, the weaker it gets.

When I first started working as a career coach in the 1970s, I got intuitive hunches and visions about my clients. I saw them involved in careers other than Read more