Exercise for the Mind & Heart

  1. When your mind says, “You should just get a job, any job”. Your reply is: I will happily get a job – the perfect job for me. And laugh out loud!
  2. When your mind says, “Who do you think you are?” You reply: I’m me and that’s good enough!
  3. Your mind controls how you feel about things, therefore controlling your mind breath-by-breath controls how you feel and act. Think of a favorite comedy scene from a movie you love. See it until you start giggling. Giggle until you feel happy. Notice how quickly Read more

11 Easy Steps to Getting Centered

It’s essential to our well-being that we learn to quiet the mind and control our thoughts. The most essential part of us – our souls, spirits, inner selves (use whatever term you prefer) is much deeper inside of us than our thoughts. We are not our thoughts.

When we need to get clarity, to make major decisions about our lives, we need to access this deeper part of ourselves which is always connected to the divine. The following exercise will help you access that place.

  1. All of us have known the experience of feeling grounded, centered and calm. We may have experienced Read more

Seeing Into The Other Realms…


My friend Marv sat on my shoulder today telling me to freshen up a chapter I was writing. He passed away several months ago, but his voice in my ear was strong and clear. “Just freshen it up,” he whispered. So I did. Then he was gone. I can still see the golden cord connecting us through our many lifetimes of friendship.

Let me assure you that seeing into the other realms is the only thing I’m really good at here. And yet, when I first hit the dirt of Planet Earth, I sprang into survival mode–forgetting everything I knew inside. I ignored the spirits in the room, dismissed my intuitive feelings, analyzed my precognitive dreams rather than Read more