Power of Those Things Beyond Our Control

When I was 30 years old, my husband died from cancer. We had been mountaineering instructors and best friends. He died one year after his diagnosis – at the age of 35. It was my first real experience with grief and loss, and it changed the direction of my life. Four years later, while working as a journalist, I was asked by a local newspaper to write about the Hospice and interview a woman named Kaye whose husband was dying. This is the story I wrote in 1984. It will be included in my new book I See Your Loved Ones On The Other Side:

The Power of Those Things Beyond Our Control

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Are we all intuitive?

Yes, we ARE all intuitive. We’re all naturally able to access our right brain hemisphere–the doorway to our intuition, creativity, and divinity. We talk ourselves out of listening to this inner guidance by focusing on our left-brain chatter–our linear-thinking, practical, realistic mind. We see logical thinking touted on the news, at work, and among our family members as “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Yet our left-brain logic is only telling us half of the truth. This supreme logic we live by has gotten us exactly where we are today–afraid, disconnected, unfulfilled, unhappy, and in search of meaning.

Being practical above all else does not get us where we want to go. It doesn’t lead to a happy, fulfilled life. Our left-brain logic talks us out of being who we really are and doing the work we came here to do. And it sometimes talks us out of loving who we came here to love.

Remember, you are NOT your thoughts. You’re an energy being, a pulsing wave of light connected to the energetic fabric that makes up the entire universe. Quantum physicists refer to this phenomenon as the “membrane theory.” When they say that we’re all made of the same energy–waves of light that join everything and everyone–they’re describing intuition! Your consciousness is so much bigger than your mind. Your feelings and intuition connect you to all others beings in our universe. Your intuition is a gateway to all the knowledge, answers, and guidance you’ve ever wanted.

When you’re afraid, you block your intuition. Fear is the opposite of love, and it shuts your portal to the divine. When you’re tapped into fear you’re hooked into low-vibration negative energy–or what I call pitiful thinking. This type of thinking makes your body feel bad; it drains your energy and makes you anxious. It clouds your connection to your higher self.

Intuition and divine guidance speak up in the quiet moments when your fear and mental chatter pause and you simply know what’s true–you know it in your bones. It’s a peaceful knowing brought to you courtesy of your highest self.

Our intuition announces exactly what we need to know exactly when we need to know it to fulfill our mission. Its timing is always perfect. And it uses any means available to reach us. You have the dream when you need the dream. You feel a strong urge to do something exactly when it’s time to do it. You get a visual image of something you need to know while you’re waiting at a stoplight. And you know you’ve met your soul mate the moment you hear his voice.

Excerpted from my new book I See Your Soul Mate

The Path You Chose

When I stand in your presence, I’m taken with your beauty and genius! I feel your unlimited essence and the great intention you brought with you before fear weighed you down.

I’m certain that you came here on purpose to be the hero of your life. I’m certain that you outlined a plan for this journey–a road map with specific destinations highlighted for your visit.

Oh, did you say you were overweight? Did you mention your skin was a different color? I can’t remember. It’s so hard to focus on the physical form, the temporary costume. It’s so irrelevant when your vivid shining grace, your radiant essence, is blinding me. I forget if you said you were an engineer, a doctor, or a murderer. It’s all the same to me. My only concern is that you remember you came here on purpose as an angel on a divine mission.

When your heart shatters, leaving remnants of you in pieces–a coat hanging from a tree branch, your favorite sweater wrapped around a pole, a strand of your golden hair spread across the sky–your small mind will open and you’ll see a different point of view. The paradox of human life will reveal itself. You’ll weep from its beauty. You’ll cry to try again. You’ll beg the angels to let you stay and help your sister, your daughter, your friend to see everything this new way. You’ll forgive your enemy and your lover. The trick is doing this here and now.

I want to help you remember who you are now. When you tell me your date of birth, an intuitive gateway opens and through that gateway, I feel your soul’s intention and your pain. I see your gifts. I’m shown a vision of your sacred work and how you intend to help the world. I see you clearly as a divine being here on purpose.

When you speak, I’m always surprised that you don’t see this. When you cry, I know it’s because your soul is remembering something long forgotten. I watch you struggle to reconcile the vast gap between a fearless divine you and the you that you are today. When you get angry, I know it’s because you’ve worked so hard and gotten nowhere. But, I remind you, it wasn’t your true work. It wasn’t who you came here to be.

Why don’t you see your own divine essence or remember the gifts you brought with you to save the world? You believed it once. Then you let it go, allowed it to slip away beyond your reach, buried under your pain.

Why do you believe the stories that belittle your beauty and diminish your power? Why have you wasted time longing for impossible love when the world so desperately needs your great work? Why are you angry when divine order is always working in your favor? Why do you put so much energy into being ordinary when clearly you’re an angel with wings of genius?

As you hurry to the job that belittles you or the relationship that stifles you, I want to grab your arm and say, “Don’t be afraid”. Your gifts can save you! Remember why you came here.

I wish I could open my soul and wrap you in my vision of your divine essence