Interview with Polly Campbell

Polly-Campbell-Author1Mind Matters with Polly Campbell and Sue Frederick

Recently I chatted with Polly about intuition and how it ties into your love life and how it can help you find your dream job!


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What I know to be true

divine-orderDivine order rules! A doubt-inducing childhood, a sweet young husband’s early death, countless broken hearts and flawed careers, were all perfectly designed to get me where I came here to go; to help me evolve to my highest state of grace, to know God, and to become who I became. I mostly forget this.

All my prayers are heard and answered. I always forget this.

When I’m on path and in alignment with divine order, I feel of use to the greater message, the larger truth, the highest good. It moves through me like a ray of light piercing everything, a laser beam opening my heart, filling the pages of my books, conversations with clients, and classrooms where I stand in front. None of it comes from me – a flawed human like everyone else here. I just finally get out of the way.

When I forget about divine order, nothing makes sense. My sadness is Read more

Discover Your Soul Mate: Special Interview from Conscious Connection Magazine

SUESPEAK2012Recently I had the pleasure to speak with Conscious Connection Magazine!

Check out these questions where I reveal the connection between intuition, love and careers.

Conscious Connection: What is your background and where did the inspiration come from to write these books?

Sue Frederick: I grew up intuitive. As a kid, I would announce to my friends Read more

Are You Being Nudged?

PS – We’re downsizing and won’t be needing you anymore. Have a great Spring!

Did you know that you arrived on earth with a built-in GPS device embedded inside of you? You programmed it before you were born. It contains all the directions you’ll ever need in this lifetime. It’s designed to get you dead-on target to your destined great work – the work you came here to do that uses your unique talents to raise the vibration of the planet.

Even when your life feels like it’s not moving forward, like your career is slipping through your fingers, like relationships you used to count on are shifting – you will move through this phase and emerge on the other end with Read more

Six Things to do When You’ve Lost Your Job

When you’ve lost your job, these simple steps will help you move forward.

Wake up everybody! Get out of the unemployment line, and launch your new and improved life: This is not the end of your world. It’s the beginning of a much happier career and lifestyle.

In order to thrive in this brave new world, you need to remember who you really are, what’s inside of you, and what you came here to do. If you Read more