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Who Will You Be Now?

Whenever we’re experiencing deep loss or illness, we stop dreaming. We only focus on the pain and the past. Have you ever seen a dog lick its wound obsessively and thus prevent healing? That’s what we do with our pain. It’s okay to do this for a little while. But recognize... Read More

What is Reality?

You don’t understand what reality is. You’ve been misled into believing that the seen world is more real than the unseen world of thoughts, beliefs and energy. Quantum physicists remind us that at the core of all matter (which makes up our reality) are endless waves of light.... Read More


Talking To Loved Ones On The Other Side

Our pain and grief is meant to open our hearts, strengthen our connection to the divine & inspire us to accomplish our soul’s greatest mission and tells us why. Talking To Loved Ones On The Other Side How do you communicate with the other side? Can others develop this... Read More