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Doubt is Easy; Fear is Ordinary

My pain is the same as everyone’s. My fear is shared by all. There is no dark night of the soul I can have that you haven’t had. We share this journey. We joined our souls long ago. We dove in. We agreed. We swim beside each other now. Forgetting. Fighting the flow. Resisting wisdom. Why? Because doubt is easy.... Read More

Quit Wasting Time Fitting In: The World Desperately Needs Your Great Work

When I stand in your presence, I’m taken with your beauty and genius! I feel your unlimited essence and the great intention you brought with you before fear weighed you down. I’m certain that you came here on purpose to be the hero of your life. I’m certain that you outlined a plan for this journey–a road map with... Read More

Your Divine Lens is Activated…

Fear, addiction, pain and despair occur when we lose the connection to our higher self, our divinity. Of course, we ALL experience moments of great pain and despair. It’s part of our human journey here. Yet the moment we cry for help from our higher self everything changes. It’s as simple as saying: Please divine guides,... Read More